Upcoming Webinar: The Future of Farming and Food Systems

On Tuesday, February 23rd at 12:00 PM PT – 1:00 PM PT

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There is no denying the environmental impact of agriculture and the terrifying reality of food scarcity as a result of climate change. We know that climate change will affect all four dimensions of food security: food availability, food accessibility, food utilization and food systems stability, and disproportionately impact vulnerable populations acting as a threat multiplier for hungry and undernourished people. With the future of food at risk, we must start to reimagine the ways we grow, harvest and deliver our food sources in addition to creating a progressive vision for the future of our food system that requires a culture of collaboration from all sectors. In this panel, we’ll hear from foundation leaders on how philanthropy can support agricultural transformation and help pave the road to a more sustainable food system.

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Join Dr. Sally Rockey, Executive Director of the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research, Ruth Richardson, Executive Director of the Global Alliance for the Future of Food in conversation with Sara Farley, Executive Director of the Rockefeller Foundation‘s Food Initiative.